You’ve Got to Say NO to Say YES (or, Saying NO is Awesome)

by Cristien Storm and Kate Boyd Co-founders of If You Don’t They Will First Posted on North Atlantic Books site August 9th 2018 In our workshops, we support participants in developing creative and fierce ways to identify, interrupt, and counter white nationalism in their particular contexts. Different groups develop different strategies to say NO including: …

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Relationship Ground Rules

Originally posted on North Atlantic Books September 06, 2018 Every relationship is different. Some people love ground rules and find them super helpful. Other people think relationship ground rules are unnecessary and even punitive—like a chore wheel that gets posted on the fridge and forgotten about until a conflict arises and one partner uses it …

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Self Care for Activists

One goal of Empowered Boundaries is to expand on mainstream notions of self care, which tend to be centered primarily on individual wellness and personal health. There is nothing wrong with focusing on individual well-being. However, individualist approaches often ignore how deeply interpersonal and interconnected care, healing, and recovery are. When I taught self-defense classes at Home Alive we …

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