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Kate Boyd and Cristien Storm founded If You Don’t They Will in 2005. If You Don’t They Will provides concrete and creative tools for countering white nationalism through a cultural lens, including creating spaces to grow visions, hopes, desires, and dreams for the kinds of worlds we actually want to live in.  If You Don’t They Will’s participatory, multi-media art exhibition, no. NOT EVER., archives the cultural histories and political imaginaries of rural and suburban activists who countered white nationalism in the Pacific Northwest during the 1980s and 1990s, and has recently exhibited at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, WA, and Interference Archive in Brooklyn, NY. www.interferencearchive.org


at The Henry Gallery


at Interference Archive


If You Don’t They Will Interviews:

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Seattle Weekly

Seattle’s Music Scene Comes Together to Block White Nationalist Bands

Cristien is a co-founder and former Executive Director of Home Alive, where she developed and facilitated self-defense and boundary setting curricula rooted in traditional marital arts, social justice, and anti-oppression sensibilities.

Cristien is a mental health therapist and politicized healer.